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Michael serves as President of the Chlotrudis Society's Board of Directors, and he is one of the Founders of the Chlotrudis Awards.

Michael is cinematically drawn to our neighbors to the north in Canada, especially the work of filmmakers Atom Egoyan, Don McKellar, Molly Parker, Sarah Polley, and Patricia Rozema to name a few. 

Although he is devoted to independent cinema, he has enjoyed reading comics for over four decades, but has finally realized that he's not a fan of comics; he's a fan of reading stories about women with super powers

When he's finished with all of that, he works at the Boston Public Library as the Director of Library Services.  

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Pacho's earlier film and theater work have been presented at venues such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm, and on Japanese National Television.

Pacho's last film, Manakamana (co-directed with Stephanie Spray) won a Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. It played around the world, including at the Whitney Biennial and the Toronto International Film Festival.

His upcoming project, The Reagan Years, explores a prolific actor s defining role: Leader of the Free World. Told entirely through a largely-unseen trove of archival footage, the film captures the pageantry, pathos, and charisma that followed the 40th President from Hollywood to the nation's capital.

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Tom received his cinema training during his work as a gaffer between 1976 and 1987.

After his shift to filming, Tom was behind the photography on a number of television series and films in the Netherlands. 

Amongst the many directors with whom he has worked is Alex Van Warmerdam, with whom he worked in the past on The Northerners, Grimm, Waiter, and The Last Days of Emma Blank. 

More recently, Tom worked on Borgman for Alex and the upcoming Schneider vs. Bax.

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We reviewed the 2015 Academy Award short film nominees for the live-action and animation categories.

The films are packaged by Shorts International and are screened at cinemas around the world in February and March.

After playing in theaters for several weeks, they are available online in case you missed them. 

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Tom has worked in the editorial department on a variety of projects in film and television including: Ride with the DevilTwo LoversCrazy Heart, and the television series, Deadwood

Tom has also edited several short and feature films including the feature films, The Space Between and Any Day Now for Travis Fine.

Tom's more recent projects include: the sci-fi thriller Time Lapse, and the Oscar winning, critically acclaimed Whiplash, starring J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller, which included an Oscar for Tom for Best Film Editing.

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In 2004, Yoni worked as an animation director for Ari Folman's documentary series, The material that love is made of

Their collaboration continued with Yoni as an animation director in Ari Folman's Academy Award nominated Waltz with Bashir. Yoni also developed the Adobe Flash Cutout technique for the film.

In 2009, he made several short films for human rights organizations, notably the short film Closed Zone, protesting against the Gaza blockade. Yoni also worked as an animation director in the short film The Gift, and The Story of Cholera.

More recently, Yoni worked as the Animation Director for Ari Folman's feature The Congress, based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem

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Anastasia is a Production Designer who was nominated for both an Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Production Design for the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Anastasia's other projects over the years include: Nothing, Tideland, the mini-series series, The Company, Mama, Arcade Fire: Reflektor, and Make Your Move.

Anastasia's upcoming and projects include the films: Life for Anton Corbijn, XX, and The First

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While Christopher is first and foremost a Director of Photography, he takes advantage of all opportunities to learn more about the art form.

These have included: collaborations with Director Michel Gondry and D.P. Ellen Kuras on the visually experimental films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be Kind Rewind as well as working on Martin Scorsese's film Shine A Light about The Rolling Stones and documentaries for Fran Lebowitz. 

Some of his projects over the years include: What Doesn't Kill You, Staten IslandSympathy for DeliciousSinisterRob the Mob, and the television series Believe and Gotham

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Sebastian has worked as an Art Director on films including: Gangster No. 1, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Flightplan, and V For Vendetta.

He was also the senior and Supervising Art Director on: Speed Racer, Inglourious Basterds, and Ninja Assassin.

As a Production Designer, Sebastian is for known for his work on Anonymous and the recent film, A Most Wanted Man.

Upcoming projects as Production Designer for Sebastian include: Hitman: Agent 47 and Mechanic: Resurrection.

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In 1990 Frans began scoring for film and television, covering all genres from symphonic orchestras to smaller ensembles and electronic scores.

In 2002 Frans recorded his first TV crime series, The Fifth Woman for Swedish Television. Later that year Frans composed all 20 episodes of the Emmy award winning Danish drama Nicholas & Juliet.

Frans scored the 3 time Emmy nominated TV series The Crime. The Killing adapted from the The Crime, and the theme and music for the Netflix acclaimed series, Lillyhammer.

Frans has scored Oscar nominated shorts including Ernst & Lyset and Helmer & Son and feature films including: Superbrother, One Step Behind, and Those Who Kill - Shadow of the Past.

More recent and upcoming projects include: the Danish animated feature, Albert and Men & Chicken for Anders Thomas Jensen, starring Mads Mikkelsen.

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