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John Axelrad - Film Editor - We Own The Night, Two Lovers, Crazy Heart, The Immigrant, Rudderless, Krampus, and Miles Ahead

John attended the USC School of Cinema-Television Production.

Early on in his career, John was an assistant editor on varied projects including earlier films for Steven Soderbergh like Out of Sight and Erin Brocovich.

John's projects over the years, include: We Own The Night, Two Lovers, Crazy Heart, and The Immigrant.

Some of John's more recent projects include: Rudderless, a music related comedy/drama for William H. Macy, Before We Go for Chris Evans, Krampus, a holiday comedy/fantasy horror, and Miles Ahead for Don Cheadle, a narrative feature about the life and music of Miles Davis.

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Shane Valentino - Production Designer and Art Director - Ball Don't Lie, Beginners, John Carter, The Normal Heart, Straight Outta Compton, and the upcoming, Nocturnal Animals

Earlier on, Shane collaborated with some of NYC's independent premier production companies and relocated from New York City to Los Angeles then working in the art department on films for Alejandro Agresti and Christopher Nolan.

On the West Coast, Shane worked as a production designer on such films as Talmage Cooley's film, Taking Chances, Brin Hill's film, Ball Don't Lie and the television series, House of Lies, starring Don Cheadle.

As production designer, Shane more recently worked and the Oscar winning, Beginners, the HBO movie, The Normal Heart, and on Straight Outta Compton about the revolutionary hip-hop group, N.W.A.

Shane has also worked on Tom Ford's upcoming film, Nocturnal Animals.

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Kristian Eidnes Andersen - Danish Sound Designer and Composer for Lars Von Trier, Susanne Bier, Thomas Vinterberg, and Nicolas Winding Refn

Kristian has been a sound designer on more than 90 films including a long list of Lars Von Trier's productions like Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Antichrist, Melancholia, and Nymphomaniac. He has also headed the sound design department at The National Film School of Denmark.

In addition, Kristian has worked on both larger productions with directors such as Susanne Bier, Thomas Vinterberg, and Nicolas Winding Refn.

Kristian's credits as a composer consist of over 40 titles including Antichrist, Submarino, Klown, and Per Olav Sorensen's series, The Half Brother and his latest The Heavy Water War (or The Saboteurs).

Kristian's other projects include: the Academy Award winning Ida, Blood in the Mobile, A Caretakers Tale, The Weight of Elephants, and the acclaimed, The Man Who Saved the World.

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Kurt Engfehr - Documentary Filmmaker and Editor - Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Red Army, and The Kids Menu

Kurt worked on Michael Moore's films, Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Some of Kurt's other film projects include Seamless, Angelina Jolie's directing debut, the documentary, A Place in Time, and the documentary Trumbo.

In addition to editing, Kurt has worked as producer on projects such as the BAFTA-nominated UK documentary Taking Liberties, America the Beautiful, and Bigger Stronger Faster.

Kurt has directed several health and diet related documentaries including Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, and The Kids Menu.

Kurt's other recent projects include the music documentary Manifesto: A Film About Manic Street Preachers and Red Army, about the famous Soviet hockey team.

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Donald Grieg - Musician, Composer, and Manager of The Orlando Consort - Voices Appeared, a vocal score to Carl Dreyer's, The Passion of Joan of Arc

After getting a degree in English and Film Studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury followed by post-grad work in Film Theory and despite serious attempts to work in the film industry, Donald ended up in the early music scene in London.

He claims he was in the right place at the right time and joined Tallis Scholars in 1985 and by 1988 when he was a founding member of The Orlando Consort.

The Orlando Consort rapidly achieved a reputation as one of Europe s most expert and consistently challenging groups performing repertoire from the years 1050 to 1550. The unique imagination and originality of their programming together with their superb vocal skills has marked the Consort out as the outstanding leaders of their field.

More recently, Donald has been able to combine his work with the ensemble by creating a vocal score to accompany the film called Voices Appeared, to accompany Carl Dreyer's film, The Passion of Joan of Arc.

The Orlando Consort has performed live with the Voices Appeared and The Passion of Joan of Arc for early music and film fans worldwide.

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Chad Keith - Production Designer - Goodbye Solo, On The Ice, Restless City, Take Shelter, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, Midnight Special, and Loving

Chad's projects have included: Goodbye Solo, the short film, Plastic Bag, Restless City, On the Ice, Martha Marcy May Marlene, and Take Shelter.

More recent projects have included: At Any Price, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, and Midnight Special.  Midnight Special is about father and son go on the run, pursued by the government and a cult drawn to the child's special powers

Chad's upcoming work includes work again with director Jeff Nichols on his acclaimed feature, Loving.

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Michael Taylor - Film Editor - The Order of Myths, Freakonomics, Love Is Strange, I Believe in Unicorns, Youth in Oregon, and Elvis & Nixon

Michael worked as a script supervisor for several years on films including: The Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman, Happiness, You Can Count on Me, Monster's Ball, American Splendor, Bad Santa, Garden State, and Thumbsucker.

Michael's works as editor over the years include projects like: The Order of Myths, Freakonomics, The Loneliest Planet, Hateship Loveship, Love Is Strange, and I Believe in Unicorns.

More recently, Michael edited the documentary, The Babushkas of Chernobyl, Free in Deed, White Girl, Youth in Oregon, and the acclaimed historical comedy, Elvis & Nixon.

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Meg Morman and Sunny Boling - Casting Directors - Waitress, Dear Lemon Lima, Natural Selection, and Hello, My Name Is Doris

Meg and Sunny started their own casting agency in 2004, and one of their notable early efforts was the film Waitress, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Over the years, Meg and Sunny have casted dozens of feature films, television, and web series, including the films Dear Lemon Lima, Natural Selection, and I Believe in Unicorns.

One of Meg and Sunny's recent projects is the feature film Hello, My Name is Doris (starring Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Stephen Root, Tyne Daly), about a quirky older woman's infatuation with a young co-worker.

Meg and Sunny also serve as the Casting Consultants for the Film Independent's Director's Lab, an intensive eight-week program for directors who are prepping their independent feature films.

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Brian H. Kim - Composer - Hello My Name Is Doris, G.B.F., Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and Grounded

Brian most recently completed scores for the film Hello, My Name Is Doris, starring Sally Field and directed by Michael Showalter, the drama Grounded, starring Aaron Paul and Jeff Daniels, and the comedy G.B.F., starring Michael J. Willett and Megan Mullally.

In addition, Brian is scoring the hit Disney animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Brian is known for his work over the years on the acclaimed television series, How I Met Your Mother.

As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, Brian has recorded with artists such as Neil Patrick Harris, Adele, and Boyz II Men. He has performed in more than two dozen countries around the world.

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Chris Wyatt - UK Film Editor - The Pillow Book, Shadow of the Vampire, Max, Dead Man's Shoes, Dreams of a Life, The Falling, and '71

Some of Chris' earlier projects included: The Pillow Book, Shadow of the Vampire, and Max.

Chris' work as editor over the years has also included the films Dead Man's Shoes, This Is England, and Dreams of a Life.

More recently, Chris co-edited Partisan, and edited the The Ones Below, The Falling, and '71.

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