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Nov 17, 2023

Testament - CS2 - 1The Wall - CS2 - 1Best Sellers - CS2 - 1Stealing Alice - CS2 - 1Dolly Parton - CS2 - 119-2 - CS2 - 1

As a Photographer, Claudine has won several prizes in Quebec for her personal work. She also published a critically acclaimed book of images called Barbershops, and has exhibited her work in Montreal, Toronto, New York and Paris.

Claudine's work includes music videos, commercials, and documentaries, along with many...

Nov 3, 2023

Fred and PeggyBridge - FN1 - 1Rally - Marian - FN1 - 1Wires - FN1 - 1TMNT - FN1 - 1Fast Furious 9 - FN1 - 1

After his family relocated to France, Fred started to realize his lifelong dream when he obtained his commercial license in 1985.  

Fred's earlier work he served as Camera Helicopter Pilot for rally car races, Paris-Dakar and Paris-Moscow-Beijing, and Coordinator for Raid Gauloises

Fred transitioned into the film...

Oct 27, 2023

Sirocco - PP2 - 1Mum Is Pouring Rain - PP2 - 1Marona - PP2 - 1Adama - PP2 - 1Jeunesse - PP2 - 1A Man Is Dead - PP2 - 1

Pablo started out as a musician before studying at the Ecole Normale de Paris

His animated feature film scores include: AdamaMarona's Fantastic Tale, and more recently, the upcoming Sirocco.

Pablo's television scores include: A Man Is Dead and The Treehouse Stories series, and the acclaimed short film, Mum Is...

Oct 20, 2023

Opponent1 - CJS1 - 1Opponent2 - CJS2 - 2Borg vs. McEnroe - CJS1 - 1Doris Bettan - CJS1 - 1Hellhole - CJS1 - 1Hellhole - CJS2 - 2Horizon Line - CJS1 - 1Red Dot - CJS1 - 1

Carl-Johan's feature film scores include: Red Dot, Hellhole, and Locals (Stammisar)Carl-Johan often collaborates with Swedish Film Composer Jon Ekstrand.

Their series work includes: ALEX and Top Dog. Their feature film collaborations include: Borg vs. McEnroe, Horizon Line, and more recently, the acclaimed