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May 3, 2019

Bergsteinn is an Icelandic Director of Photography with over thirty years of experience.  He is based in Iceland and most of his projects have been shot there.

An expert in shooting Icelandic nature, he is known for his variety of shooting styles in his feature films and TV Series.

Some of Bergsteinn’s television projects include Nightshift, Dayshift, World’s End, and Trapped.

Bergsteinn's feature film work includes Jar City, The Deep, Julia, Vultures, and Of Horses and Men.

Most recently he has worked on Woman at War, about an environmental activist balancing her need to protest with wanting to start a family with an adopted daughter from Ukraine.

Bergsteinn has won several Edda Awards, from the Icelandic Film and Television Academy, including for his work on The Deep, Of Horses and Men, and Woman at War.