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Feb 19, 2012

Daniel is a Screenwriter, Director, and Actor from Canada.  He was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and was educated in Halifax and Toronto.  Daniel started the theatre company da da kamera in Toronto for whom he has written, directed, and acted. Daniel is now one of Canada's best known playwrights.

Daniel has written, co-written, acted, and directed several independent films, which are usually made in his home province of Nova Scotia. They include: Past Perfect, Marion Bridge, Wilby Wonderful, Whole New Thing, and more recently Trigger.

Wilby Wonderful which he wrote, directed, and acted in is about 24 hours in the life of the small town of Wilby, where the municipal festival is in preparation as development comes to the island and threatens to change the world around them.  Whole New Thing, co-written with Amnon Buchbinder, is unconventional coming-of-age narrative of a 13 year old boy, Emerson, who lives with his counter-cultural parents and develops a crush on his teacher, Don Grant, played by Daniel.

Trigger was written by Daniel and directed by Bruce MacDonald, starring Tracy Wright and Molly ParkerTrigger is the story of two rock n' roll women who once shared a friendship, a band and a chaotic lifestyle. A dozen years later they meet again, and over the course of one evening rediscover friendship, remember their rock n'roll days, and reignite chaos.