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Sep 26, 2010

Danielle Fillios has edited more than 40 films, a wide mix of narrative and documentary features and some short films, some of them nominated and awarded for highest honors.

Mi Mejor Enemigo, a heartfelt film about the war between Chile and Argentina in the 1970s, and Johnny One Hundred Pesos were both nominated for the Goya.  Also, B-Happy which picked up 2 awards at Berlinale

Danielle won the Golden Kikito at Gramado for Captain Pantoja and the Special Services for her editing work.  She worked on films from France, Spain, Chile, Venezuela and PerĂº.

Recently Danielle worked on The Maid by Sebastian Silva, a drama centered on a maid trying to hold on to her position after having served a family for 23 years, which won a Special Jury Prize at Sundance and was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Language Film

Danielle also edited the recent short film, Blokes, one of 9 short films selected for the Cannes Film Festival.