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Nov 3, 2023

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After his family relocated to France, Fred started to realize his lifelong dream when he obtained his commercial license in 1985.  

Fred's earlier work he served as Camera Helicopter Pilot for rally car races, Paris-Dakar and Paris-Moscow-Beijing, and Coordinator for Raid Gauloises

Fred transitioned into the film industry, eventually moving to Los Angeles, where over the past three decades he has racked up over 200 film credits.  

Fred has worked with directors such as: Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay, Tony Scott, Peter Berg, Damian Chazelle, Doug Liman, and Joel Schumacher.  Some of Fred's more recent work includes: Kandahar, Extraction 2, and Gran Turismo.

Along with his wife and collaborator Peggy North, Fred has more recently written a memoir of his long journey to realize his lifelong dream, called Flying Sideways, from Dexterity Books.