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Feb 20, 2010

Harrod Blank grew up Santa Cruz, CA and began his lifelong love-affair with art cars by decorating his 1965 VW Beetle with plastic fruit, rubber chickens, and a television, among other items.  He dubbed the car Oh My God!.

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz and drawing from the influence of his documentarian father Les Blank, Harrod began photographing art cars around the country.  This led to his first documentary Wild Wheels, which has been seen by an estimated 55 million people around the world.

Harrod has continued to create art cars, his second being The Camera Van which included several working cameras among the 2500 cameras attached to the van and a third interactive musical art car called Pico De Gallo.

Harrod's most recent feature documentary film Automorphosis looks into the minds and hearts of a delightful collection of eccentrics, visionaries, and just plain folks who have transformed their autos into artworks.