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Aug 2, 2019

Indra's animations include instructional films like Joka pec Alfabets, teaching children the Latvian alphabet, and Awesome Beetles Colors, teaching the English Alphabet.

Other projects with her company, Infinity Box, include: Seven Wonders, Strength of a Woman, and My Garden of Roses.

Indra created the award-winning stop-motion animated short, Intro to Epilogue, a colorful, allegorical film about the fear of death. This won the Visual Vanguard Award of 11th edition of the Womanimation! Film Festival, showcasing animated stories by women around the world.

Indra is currently working on an upcoming animated film, Where is the Key and will be creating a custom art object for the Visual Vanguard Award for the 12th edition of Womanimation! in 2020.