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Dec 9, 2022

The Innocents JCF 1The Innocents Editing SuiteThe Innocents JCF 2A Somewhat Gentle Man JCF 1In Order Of Disappearance JCF 1SDL Promo 1Beware Of Children JCF 1Blind JCF 1Blind Film Editing Suite

Jens received an MA in Film and Literature from the Universities of Bergen and Copenhagen before attending the National Film and Television School in London and received an MA in Editing.

Jens has worked as a Freelance Film Editor in the UK and Norway, across all genres and formats.

Some of Jens' film works includes: A Somewhat Gentle Man, In Order of Disappearance, and Out Stealing Horses, for Director Hans Petter Moland.

Jens has worked with Dag Johan Haugerud on: I Belong, Beware Of Children, The Light From The Chocolate Factory, and the upcoming trilogy, Sex/Dreams/Love.

One of Jens most notable recent works is The Innocents, for director Eskil Vogt, whose debut feature Blind, Jens also edited.

Jens has garnered much acclaim for his editing work, including winning Amanda Awards for his work on: Blind, Beware Of Children, and The Innocents.