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Nov 1, 2018

Johannes received an MFA in Industrial Design from the National College of Arts and Crafts and is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.  His work is known to be visually oriented and conceptual, with sparse dialogue and a special focus on sound design and music. 

Johannes has worked as an independent filmmaker since the mid 1990s and has reached a wide international audience with short films, short documentaries and the feature film Sound of Noise.

Johannes often collaborates with his childhood friend Ola Simonsson, who is a filmmaker and musician. Their Palme d'Or nominated short Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers has screened regularly around the world and online. He is the creator and member of the group Six Drummers featured in that film and the Cannes nominated feature, Sound of Noise

Johannes' more recent work includes the award-winning shorts Rain and The Bear about a businesswoman fed up with being a human being, who buys a bear suit and moves to the wilderness.