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May 20, 2014

John Christian began his professional career in film and television as a sound engineer. He ran his own sound studio from the age of 15, and he worked as an actor as well.

From 1985, John Christian got his first professional experience in the visual media through Norwegian National (NRK). In 1995, he completed his first feature film Fredrikssons Fabrikk.

John Christian is the creator of Drylab R&D that develops on set software to be able to have a creative control over the images trough the digital workflow and played a central role in the developing of Softlights, the first and only both digital Wi-Fi and DMX controlled Tube light system in the world. He also developed a digital controlled remote film camera head with the first pan-bar operated system ever made called Remotion.

John Christian's feature films include: Factotum, The Bothersome Man, O'Horten, Troubled Water, Stella Days, and A Thousand Times Goodnight.