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Oct 10, 2010

Australian filmmaker, Mairi Cameron’s graduate film, Milk, screened at Cannes and garnered many awards.  Milk is about an old man that  lives on his own, and doesn't go out except to buy milk that has a daily ritual visit and request for milk from the downstairs Woman.

Over the years, Mairi has had commercial work including music videos for the Aussie band Washington and the mockumentary series (s)Truth. Mairi is also film instructor at the JMC Academy in Brisbane.

She directed many other shorts over the years including the more recent short film, Seersucker, about a nine-year-old girl who has to wear a seersucker dress made from a tablecloth in 1962.

Mairi has screened around the world as a finalist in the global film festival, the Manhattan Short Film Fest, with her film Push Bike, about a woman, Michelle, whose clothes are stolen from the pool changing room one night that must brave a nude ride home on her old bike.