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Nov 10, 2023

Northern Comfort - ME2 - 1Against The Ice - ME2 - 1Lamb - ME2 - 1Utmark - ME2 - 1Fishbowl - ME2 - 1Rams - ME2 - 1Swoon - ME2 - 1The County - ME2 - 1

Margret's feature film work over the years includes: Either WayLife In A FishbowlRamsThe Last KingArcticSwoon, and Valhalla - The Legend Of Thor, and the acclaimed Lamb.

Her television projects include: Every Colour Of The Sea Is ColdWelcome To UtmarkMax Anger - With One Eye Open, and more recently Blackport.

Margret's more recent Costume Design work includes the films: and Against The Ice, the Swedish drama Diorama, and the upcoming Northern Comfort.