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Jun 25, 2012

Ofer has shot both feature films and documentaries with some of the best-appreciated directors in Israel, such as Joseph Cedar (Time of Favor, Campfire, and Beaufort), Asi Dayan, and Amos GitaiBeaufort was nominated for an Oscar and Ofer won the Ophir Award (the Israeli Academy Award) for his work on both Time of Favor and Beaufort.

Ofer has taken part in many foreign productions shot both in Israel and abroad.  Ofer’s other recent projects as Director of Photography include the films Haiu Leilot, The Golden Pomegranate, and Shrouds.

Ofer made his directorial debut in addition to cinematography work on the documentary, Fluchkes (Flabby Arms), about five elderly women that create a dance performance, sharing their thoughts and feelings.