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Feb 27, 2010

Swedish filmmaker Patrik Eklund made his directional debut with One Christmas Morning which won several awards including The Tromsö Palm for best Nordic short.  Patrick's next short film, Situation Frank, was selected for Critic's Week in Cannes.

Patrik’s film Instead of Abracadabra received several awards at international festivals including Sundance 2009. It is an Academy Award Nominee for Live Action Short

Instead of Abracadabra is about a man who still lives with his parents and tries to realize his dream of becoming a magician.  The film, Instead of Abracadabra, features an array of charming characters and moments of magic and surprise.

Patrik has also completed Seeds of the Fall which has also been featured in SundanceSeeds of the Fall is about middle-aged couple that lives in a passionless relationship full of sexual frustration where something happens that will change their relationship forever.