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Apr 22, 2015

Since 1996, Plan 9 has created scores for over 20 feature films.

Plan 9 has made music for 7 international co-pro TV series, numerous documentaries, programs and short films, plus installations and exhibition spaces around the world. 

Between them they play double/el bass, guitars, mandolin, banjo, trumpet, euphonium, trombone, marimba, keyboards, Indian harmonium and biscuit tin guitar. They also create their own virtual instruments for Kontakt under the name Modwheel.

Film projects they have worked on over the years include: Forgotten Silver, Kombi Nation, Danny Deckchair, The Lord of The Rings, Love Birds, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

More recent films the group has worked on include: Edwin: My Life as a Koont, Antarctica: A Year on Ice, and What We Do in the Shadows.