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Nov 3, 2007

Shane McCabe is from Dublin, Ireland and began his artistic career as an actor before later moving to writing and eventually directing. He wrote and directed the short short story film Lucky Escape, about a man, a woman, a restaurant, and being careful about what you wish for.

In 2002, he acted in Jerry Bruckheimer’s Veronica Guerin. He has written six features and is working on lucky #7. In 2005, The Irish Film Board awarded his short film Never Judge a Book funding; it premiered at the 4th Annual Dublin International Film Festival in 2006.

The film has screened in a variety of festivals worldwide, including the Palms Springs ShortFest where it was picked up for distribution.  Lucky Escape also screened at the 2007 MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Soul of Wit award for exellence in clever wordplay.