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Dec 29, 2009

Stascha Bader is a Swiss writer and documentary director.

He was drawn by Reggae when he had first heard it in the 1970s and based his doctoral thesis on it, “Electro-Oral Poetry in Jamaica and England.” It earned him a Ph.D. degree from Zurich University and was also published in Germany.  and was also published in Germany as “Words like Fire: Dance Hall-Reggae and Ragamuffin.”

Stascha also studied music, script writing, and directing in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles and has worked, for several years, as a freelance writer and director of television documentaries.   His documentaries have been broadcast on Swiss National Television and 3sat. Stascha specializes in music documentaries and programs.

When he reflected back on his mass collection of Jamaican recordings, Stacha was reminded of his favorites earliest Reggae songs, from the Rocksteady era (1966-1968).  The outcome is the previously untold story of Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, which is Bader’s first feature film.