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Jan 13, 2016

Stephen has been directing fiction and non-fiction films for close to 20 years.

Stephen's films include the cult documentary Cinemania, the platinum-selling Stones in Exile, about the making of the Stones classic 1972 album Exile On Main Street and the critically acclaimed BAFTA-nominated feature documentary Scott Walker, 30 Century Man, executive produced by David Bowie.

In 2015, the feature documentary Stephen directed for Pulse Films was released about the biggest-selling boy band of all time, called Backstreet Boys: Show Em What You re Made Of. The film broke iTunes pre-sale records and was a massive fan-favorite the world over.

Stephen's upcoming documentary is about the rock band X Japan, the most successful band in Japanese history making a play for American success with a show at Madison Square Garden, called We Are X, debuting at Sundance.