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Aug 2, 2008

The Rauch Brothers, Mike and Tim Rauch, are independent animators out of Brooklyn, NY.

In 2007, they formed Rauch Brothers Animation, a studio that collaborates with visionaries in literature, music, performance, and other creative arts through character design, animation, and visual storytelling.

The Rauch Brothers have recently teamed with David Isay, five time Peabody Award-winning radio documentarian and founder of StoryCorps, to create an animated documentary of the piece from StoryCorps about a World War II veteran Joseph Robertson who recalls shooting a young German soldier at The Battle of the Bulge, his "saddest memoryā€¯, called Germans in the Woods.

Germans in the Woods has one 2nd place in the ASIFA-East Animation Festival and is screening at film festivals worldwide including the Animation Block Party and The Palm Springs International Shorts Fest.