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Dec 26, 2010

An Emmy nominated filmmaker, Thomas Burstyn, has over thirty years experience as a cinematographer. Tom trained at the National Film Board of Canada as a documentary filmmaker, before moving into feature films, which include: The Lost Tribe, When Trumpets Fade, City of Industry, Population 436, and The Boys & Girl From Country Claire.

Tom's film company, Cloud South Films is a film company created by Tom and his wife, journalist Barbara Sumner Burstyn. Cloud South Films is committed to sustainability, both personal and professional in their documentary filmmaking in films including, One Man, One Cow, One Planet and This Way of Life.

One Man, One Cow, One Planet is story of Peter Proctor's trek to India to help restore traditional farming there. 

This Way of Life is about Peter Karena, his wife Colleen, their six children and many horses who live almost wild in the stunning beauty of New Zealand's rugged Ruahine Mountains and their struggles with Peter's father and life's challenges in their way of life. 

Both films have won screened worldwide and won many awards.  This Way of Life has also been shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.