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Jun 17, 2015

In 1999, Vladan started his career as a camera operator working with many Italian and foreign filmmakers in cinema and commercials. 

Since 2003, Vladan has worked as cinematographer for many important Italian and foreign feature films that have won awards in prestigious International film festivals. 

Vladan has received many cinematography awards for his films, and his projects over the years include: Saimir, Red Like The Sky, The Rest of the Night, and Apartment in Athens

Some of Vladan's more recent projects include: the TV series, In Treatment, the Italian comedy, I Can Quit Whenever I Want, the Italian crime drama, Black Souls, and the acclaimed feature, Sworn Virgin.

In recognition of his work on Black Souls, Vladan won the 2015 award for best cinematography at the David di Donatello Awards, the Italian Oscars.