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Aug 6, 2013

Adam Clark has worked on a variety of projects, from commercial work for such clients as Kia and Subaru, to television work on the acclaimed series Insiders Guide to Happiness to a number of short and feature films.

Adam's projects have included earlier films of Peter Jackson and the film River Queen for cinematographer Alun Bollinger, but he is best known as the lensman for director Taika Waititi. His debut feature film as cinematographer was forTaika’s feature film Eagle vs Shark.

Adam has also worked on a number of shorts for Taika including the Oscar-nominated film Two Cars One Night and Tama Tu, as well as many shorts for other directors such as The Hole and A New Way Home.

Adam and Taika’s most recent collaboration is the feature film Boy, which was inspired by Two Cars One Night, and is a coming of age tale of a boy growing up in the year 1984, who idolizes Michael Jackson, and the boy’s father, who, after a seven year absence, is not quite the hero the boy had imagined him to be.

Boy is now available on DVD for purchase or rental in the United States and worldwide.