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Nov 28, 2010

Adam Taub is a documentary film director from Colorado whose films include, Don Angelo, La Quinceañera, and El Duque de la Bachata (The Duke of Bachata).

Don Angelo, is The story of Angelo Chavez, a retired U.S. naval officer who spends his retirement years driving to Tijuana, Mexico to help those in need.

La Quinceañera, explores the issues of family, faith, and coming of age, and is a portrait of a Mexican family's love and devotion to each other.

El Duque de la Bachata is Adam’s more recent documentary following Dominican bachata and merengue musician Joan Soriano as he works to accomplish his dream of a hit song and fame as an artist.

Adam is also working a documentary on the people, music and geography of the Island of Cape Breton, called The Cape Breton Fiddler.