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Apr 30, 2012

Growing up as one of four children, Bradley spent his school days immersed in athletics and art.  Photography presented itself as the perfect medium through which to express  Bradley's creative energy. 

Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, Bradley's hands-on approach to camera and lighting laid the groundwork for his generous work ethic, admitting, he never wanted to have to ask someone to do something he couldn’t do himself.

As director of photography, Bradley has been fortunate enough to have films that he has worked on to premiere at various festivals around the world.

Some of the notable ones include: The Vicious Kind at Sundance, Almost Kings at LAFF, Spork at Tribeca, and God Bless America at Toronto.  He also shot the acclaimed winning short, Sexting for renowned writer and director, Neil Labute starring actress, Julia Stiles.