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May 24, 2008

Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir is both an author and the director of the Jewish music archival documentary, From Shtetl to Swing

From Shtetl to Swing is a collective journey from synagogue choirs to Harlem hotspots, from Yiddish theater to musical extravaganza, from klezmer to ragtime, from symphonic jazz to swing from the Bowery to Tin Pan Alley to Broadway to Hollywood.                     
From Shtetl to Swing has screened several film festivals around the world including:
Golden Prague Film Festival where it was awarded the Czech Crystal, Jewish Motifs Festival where it was award the Warsaw Phoenix, Toronto International Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco International Jewish Film Festival, and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

It also screened as part of the Great Performance Series on PBS

7th Art Releasing can be contacted with any requests for theatrical distribution of the film.