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Jul 21, 2023

Titina - JCF2 - 2The Innocents - JCF2 - 2In Order Of Disappearance - JCF2 - 2Beware Of Children - JCF2 - 2Blind - JCF2 - 2Somewhat Gentle Man - JCF2 - 2

Based in Oslo, Jens has his own edit suite and enjoys both storytelling for television, and finding each film's unique cinematic expression, ultimately creating an extraordinary experience in the audience.

Jens has worked as a Freelance Film Editor in the UK and Norway, across all genres and formats.

Jens has garnered much acclaim for his editing work, including winning Amanda Awards for his work on: BlindBeware Of Children, and The Innocents.

Jens' film work over the years includes: A Somewhat Gentle ManIn Order of Disappearance, Beware Of Children, The Innocents, the acclaimed animated feature, Titina, and the upcoming trilogy, Sex/Dreams/Love.