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Oct 27, 2009

Jonathan Parker and Catherine Di Napoli wrote and produced Bartleby, The Californians, and (Untitled). Bartleby is a quirky twist on a classic story by Herman Melville starring Crispin Glover. The Californians is loosely based on The Bostonians by Henry James and stars Illeana Douglas. (Untitled) is about a fashionable contemporary art gallerist in NYC, a brooding music composer, and the state of the contemporary art world. In (Untitled), Adam Goldberg plays the composer, whose work calls for paper crumpling, glass breaking and bucket kicking and Marley Shelton plays the chic Chelsea gallerist, whose latest show features an artist who employs taxidermy and household objects. The composer's brother, played by Eion Bailey, successfully sells his art to corporate clients and wants to be taken more seriously by his peers.