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Sep 3, 2013

French animator and director, Bastien Dubois (director of Faces From Places) and American director Jacob Sillman (director of The Pale of Settlement) are finalists in the 2013 MANHATTAN SHORT

The MANHATTAN SHORT screens between September 27 and October 6th, in over 300 around the world, with audience members selecting their favorite film with the winner announced in New York City on October 6th.

Faces From Places is a series of 20 animated 3 minute travelogue films featuring different countries around the world and 3 of these films will be playing in the MANHATTAN SHORT – Quebec, Pakistan, and Moscow.  

Based on true events, The Pale of Settlement tells the story of a 10 year old Jewish boy, Moische, who must escape forced conscription into the Russian Army during the Crimean War.