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May 3, 2008

Filmmaker, Photographer, and Educator, Mitra Sen is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the York University Film Production program.
She began her career in the Canadian film industry as the Assistant Director on the International Emmy Award winning CBC television series Degrassi Junior High. She has worked in various aspects of filmmaking including scriptwriting, producing, production managing, directing, editing and casting on a variety of feature films including My Own Country,  Sam and Me, and Cocktail.

Mitra is also a teacher with the Toronto District School Board where her experiences with children have inspired her to create award winning films including Just a Little Red Dot and The Peace Tree.

The Peace Tree portrays the wishes of three girls, two Muslim and one Christian, that cooperate in order to find a way to overcome their parents' resistance to observe each other's holiday celebrations.

The film has also inspired the creation of Peace Trees in schools around the world.  The official Peace Tree Day festival is celebrated on June 1st worldwide.