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Dec 9, 2008

Nate Wragg is an renowned artist, illustrator, and animator.

He left home after high school to study character animation at Cal ArtsNate received an animation internship at James Baxter Animation Studios after his 3rd year of school, followed by an internship at Pixar Animation Studios in the art department on Ratatouille leaving school early.

He has designed, developed and art directed the end title sequence for Ratatouille and was the Production Designer on Pixar’s animated short Your Friend the Rat and was a character designer on Toy Story 3.  He left Pixar to move to LA to work as an artist for Dreamworks.

He illustrated the feature children’s book for Ratatouille called Too Many Cooks along with plans to develop his own books.

Nate’s other illustrations include a short story in the collaboration comic Afterworks 2 and for the art book The Ancient Book of Myth and War. 

He was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 50th Annual Showcase in New York City and was recently part of an charity art auction called the Totoro Forest Project at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.