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Feb 7, 2011

Ole Birkeland has worked as a director of photography with a wide of variety directors over the years on in various genres and on both features and shorts, including the dramatic short film Lullaby, about a mother meeting her lost child.

His work over the years includes the films:  the documentary Peace One Day, Everything, a comedy/drama, featuring Ray Winstone, the horror film, The Devil’s Chair, Ruby Blue from director Jan Dunn starring Bob Hoskins, about elderly man's innocent friendship with an eight year old girl is tarnished by the assumptions of a community when the little girl goes missing.

Ole’s more recent work includes: Helen, about 2 lost teen girls with one trying to find herself, a stunning experimental docudrama, The Calling, also from Jan Dunn, featuring Brenda Blethyn about a university student leaving to become a nun, and The Arbor, a portrayal of the late Bradford playwright, Andrea Dunbar.