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Nov 13, 2011

Parke won Summit, Addy, and Telly awards as IBM Tivoli's Manager of New Media, and later in 1999, he launched Pointsphere, a new media consulting firm.

Parke was the Post Production Supervisor on the CNBC television series American Made and Associate Producer for the Emmy Award winning PBS documentary series, The State of Tomorrow.

In 2007, with partners Allison Turrell and Lyman Hardy, Parke formed Stuck On On, an audio and visual post production company, where he is the lead colorist and editor.

Parke had contributed to the films including: Take Shelter, Where Soldiers Come From, Restive, Blacktino, The Eyes of Me, and The Happy Poet.

The film Take Shelter is about a young husband and father questions whether to shelter his family from a coming storm, or from himself, starring Michael Shannon.