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Mar 15, 2008

Spoiler Alert Radio interviewed renowned animator and sex expert, Signe Baumane.

Signe Baumane was born and raised in Latvia, graduating from Moscow University in 1989 with a B.A. in Philosophy. She started work at Dauka Animation Studio in Riga as an animator and cel painter.

Her animation ranges from her 1991 debut The Witch and the Cow to more recent works including The Teat Beat of Sex,  one of few animated films accepted into both Sundance and Berlin, and Veterinarian, about the circle of life and death.

Since 1995, she has lived in NYC, having worked on I Married a Strange Person with Bill Plympton and animation inserts for XX/XY among many other projects.

In addition to animation, Signe has illustrated books, worked in puppet theater design, taught animation at Pratt Institute, and is periodically publishing parts of a novel about her adventures in New York in Una, a Latvian women’s magazine. She is a 2005 Fellow in Film of the New York Foundation for the Arts, the recipient of an individual artist grant from The Jerome Foundation, a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences.