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Aug 31, 2017

Womanimation! 2017 is an international film festival featuring animated short film stories directed by women and participants Katy Wang and Elisa Talentino were interviewed. 

Based in London, and with a background in Film Photography, Illustration, and Animation, Katy is a recent graduate of Kingston University with a first class degree in Illustration Animation.

Katy’s work includes the mini graphic novel Melon Boy, the book trailer Life and Fate, and the animation piece, Mind the Gap.

Katy’s most recent project is the short film Contact, a story of an astronaut stranded on a remote planet searching for a human connection.   Contact is currently touring festivals around the world.

Elisa works with graphic arts, screen printing, illustration and animation.  Her illustrations appear in books and magazines, for clients as The New York Times, Goethe Institut, and Mondadori.

Elisa has produced award-winning art books as well as screen printings exhibited in several galleries in Italy and abroad.

Elisa's animation work includes the recent acclaimed short film, Dandelion, merging traditional dance the bourrée with local legends about the flower.  Legend says that lovers wish upon the dandelion and then blow the seeds to make their wishes come true.