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Jun 14, 2018

We interviewed with two past audience award winners in the Womanimation! film festival, an international film festival highlighting animated film stories, created by women.

Our first guest was Britt Raes, from Belgium, whose film is Catherine, was the winner of the audience award for Womanimation! 2017.  She is creating the Womanimation! 2018 Audience Award.  Catherine has won jury awards, audience awards, and press awards around the world.

Britt loves drawing and telling stories, working in animation and collaborating in graphic design. She has been working on an animated series about pets and writing a children’s book.

We also spoke with Lori Malepart-Traversy, from Montreal, Canada, director of Le Clitoris, winner of the audience award for Womanimation! 2016 and was commissioned make the Womanimation! 2017 Audience Award for Britt Raes for Catherine, a standing clitoris art object inspired by Le Clitoris.

Lori’s animated short film work includes Extra champignonsSparky Ketchup and most recently, Le Clitoris has toured festivals around the world including Annecy and has been featured in online venues such as Short of the Week and CB Fest.