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Jul 28, 2009

Barbara Muschietti is a an Argentinean executive producer of the Cannes Golden Lion Award Winning production Toma 78 in Barcelona, Spain.

Toma 78 provides General Production, casting, location scouting, styling, hair and make up, set design and prop rental, accommodation and logistics in a variety of creative...

Jul 21, 2009

Patrick Smith has written, produced, animated, and directed a variety of award winning animated films. 

He also directed the Emmy nominated MTV series Downtown and continued on to direct the popular animated series Daria.

Patrick has created many creative commercial spots providing his signature style like Zoloft to...

Jul 14, 2009

Liliana Greenfield-Sanders is a New York City director of a number of award winning short films including Ghosts of Grey Gardens, Miriam, Anna, Samantha, and Adelaide.

She has worked for Anthology Film Archives, Fine Line Features, and Maysles Films. She graduated with honors from the Art-Semiotics department at Brown...

Jul 7, 2009

Tze (pronounced "Z") Chun is a filmmaker working out of NYC and LA. He was born in Chicago and raised outside of Boston, and received his bachelor's degree in film studies at Columbia University.

As a painter and visual artist, Tze has been represented at CVZ Contemporary gallery in Soho, and has commissioned portraits...