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Apr 30, 2012

Growing up as one of four children, Bradley spent his school days immersed in athletics and art.  Photography presented itself as the perfect medium through which to express  Bradley's creative energy. 

Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, Bradley's hands-on approach to camera and lighting laid the...

Apr 23, 2012

Gorman is the author of the novels: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, Unwound, Ninth Square, Good Neighbors, and Balls

Gorman directed/wrote the indie feature You Are Alone, as well as The Kiss, and the horror comedy Psychos In Love

Gorman also directed the award-winning short films Objects In The Mirror Are...

Apr 16, 2012

Alain has edited commercials for national and international clients Canon, Virgin Airlines, and Naturino and on television Series like Matrioshki and Code 37.

Alain has worked many music videos for diverse musical groups such as: Hooverphonic, Soul Wax, Baloji with Konono No. 1.

Alain has edited many award winning short...

Apr 9, 2012

Judy is a UK set decorator with over 25 years in the film and television industry with experience working in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, CZ. Republic, Romania, Ireland, Borneo, Morocco, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden.

Judy has worked on a variety of films over the years including: ShineThe Red Violin