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Oct 28, 2015

Some of Simon's earlier animation work includes the short films Blind Spot, a 3d black comedy, and a pair of more experimental films in 2d, Le Presage and La Marche.

Simon's most recent project is the feature film Adama. Adama is the 12-year old hero of the story. When his older brother Samba vanishes from their...

Oct 21, 2015

Sue has worked on a variety of productions in both film and television, from big budget feature films to independent productions, and she was featured in a documentary short about Foley Artists called The Secret World of Foley.

Sue's work over the years includes the features: A Mighty Heart, Becoming Jane, In Bruges,

Oct 7, 2015

Manhattan Short screens in late September and early October in cinemas around the world.

Audiences in over 250 locations on six continents all vote on their favorite film of the ten finalists, and the votes are tallied at the New York City headquarters to select an overall winner.

This year, audiences voted on best...