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Oct 27, 2023

Sirocco - PP2 - 1Mum Is Pouring Rain - PP2 - 1Marona - PP2 - 1Adama - PP2 - 1Jeunesse - PP2 - 1A Man Is Dead - PP2 - 1

Pablo started out as a musician before studying at the Ecole Normale de Paris

His animated feature film scores include: AdamaMarona's Fantastic Tale, and more recently, the upcoming Sirocco.

Pablo's television scores include: A Man Is Dead and The Treehouse Stories series, and the acclaimed short film, Mum Is...

Oct 20, 2023

Opponent1 - CJS1 - 1Opponent2 - CJS2 - 2Borg vs. McEnroe - CJS1 - 1Doris Bettan - CJS1 - 1Hellhole - CJS1 - 1Hellhole - CJS2 - 2Horizon Line - CJS1 - 1Red Dot - CJS1 - 1

Carl-Johan's feature film scores include: Red Dot, Hellhole, and Locals (Stammisar)Carl-Johan often collaborates with Swedish Film Composer Jon Ekstrand.

Their series work includes: ALEX and Top Dog. Their feature film collaborations include: Borg vs. McEnroe, Horizon Line, and more recently, the acclaimed