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Jul 24, 2012

Alain has edited commercials for national and international clients CanonVirgin Airlines, and Naturino and on television Series like Matrioshki and Code 37.

Alain has worked many music videos for diverse musical groups such as:HooverphonicSoul WaxBaloji with Konono No. 1.

Alain has edited many award winning short films including the Oscar nominated:GridlockTanghi Argentini, and Na Wewe as supervising editor.

Alain’s feature film editing includes: Moscow, BelgiumOxygen, and the more recent  Oscar nominated feature, Bullhead.

Bullhead is part crime drama and part personal tragedy as the assassination of a policeman draws a rancher into a series of events forcing him to confront dark secrets from his past.

Bullhead is now available on DVD worldwide following its limited theatrical release.