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Mar 6, 2020

The Insult - 1The Insult - 2The AttackThose Who Love Me Will Take the TrainZombillenniumThe Breitner CommandoSamSam

Eric worked with noted director Francois Ozon early in both of their careers on the films See The Sea and Sitcom. He also worked with director Patrice Chéreau, on Those Who Love Me Will Take the Train, Intimacy, and Persecution.

Some of Eric's other film scores include the animated film Zombillennium, and The Attack and The Insult for Ziad Doueiri.

His television work includes the long-running French series, A French Village, as well as the Tom Fontana series Borgia.

Some of Eric's more recent projects include: The Breitner Commando, SamSam, and the upcoming, Des Son Vivant.