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Jun 23, 2009

Lynne Sachs is a teacher and experimental documentary filmmaker originally from Memphis, TN and now lives in Brooklyn, NY that teaches experimental film and video at NYU.

Lynne‚Äôs films explore the  relationship between personal memories and broader, historical experiences. As an experimental filmmaker, she tries to make images that lead to new ways of thinking about the language of film.

Some of her films include: Following the Object to Its Logical Beginning, Sermons and Sacred Pictures, States of Unbelonging, Which Way Is East, and Wind in Our Hair

The Last Happy Day is an experimental documentary portrait Lynne created of Sandor Lenard, a distant cousin and a Hungarian medical doctor. Lenard was a writer with a Jewish background who fled the Nazis.  Eventually Sandor found himself in remotest Brazil where he embarked on the translation of Winnie the Pooh into Latin, an eccentric task which catapulted him to brief world wide fame.