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Nov 25, 2022

Godland MVH2 1BGodland MVH 2White White Day 2 MH2White White Day MH2 1Parents MVH2 1Winter Brothers MVH2 1Winter Brothers MVH2 2

Maria is originally from Sweden, and studied in Germany and Denmark, where she currently lives and works. Maria's first narrative feature film was Parents for director Christian Tafdrup.

She has also worked extensively with Hlynur Palmasson, from short films such as A Painter and Seven Boats to the feature films, Winter Brothers and A White, White Day, and most recently the acclaimed film Godland.

Maria's work as DP has garnered much acclaim, including a Bodil Award for Parents, a Bodil and Danish Film Award for Winter Brothers, and an Edda for A White, White Day.

Maria more recently won an award for Best Cinematography for Godland at the Chicago International Film Festival.