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Oct 27, 2007

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Writer/Director/Editor, Lidia Sheinin has made her first film Happily Ever After, unique short short story telling a sad romantic tale in four minutes using split screens. 

The film was produced by Gary Cohen, who had brief career as a child actor, later working at KROQ-FM in LA, and...

Oct 27, 2007

Doug Lantz is director of the inspiring and uplifting marching band documentary From the 50 Yard Line, which had its World Premiere at the 11th annual Rhode Island International Film Festival, where it won the Viola M. Marshall Audience Choice Award Grand Prize.

Doug Lantz has worked in television broadcasting for the...

Oct 27, 2007

Matt Wittmer is a graduate of the Documentary Institute at the University of Florida and a former intern at the documentary production company, Kartemquin Films. 

He has recently directed the short documentary film The Regiment, which tells the unusual story of a group of Dominican youth from Providence, Rhode Island...

Oct 20, 2007

Nitzan Mager, is the writer and director of the celebrated short film I Am God.

She has also appeared as an actress in a number of films and theatre including Nobody Loves Alice and Hag Same’ach!.

I Am God is a powerful short film based on a Israeli poem about a man traveling in Israel who has lost himself. He meets a...

Oct 13, 2007

We speak with the creators of the animated short film Voodoo Bayou.

Javier Gutierrez is the film’s writer and director and Susana Jacques is the executive producer of the film. They have used their artist’s eye from the world of advertising at Ciber Films to develop a dark and enchanting tale of a Voodoo doll that...