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Apr 22, 2015

Since 1996, Plan 9 has created scores for over 20 feature films.

Plan 9 has made music for 7 international co-pro TV series, numerous documentaries, programs and short films, plus installations and exhibition spaces around the world. 

Between them they play double/el bass, guitars, mandolin, banjo, trumpet,...

Apr 15, 2015

Elliot lived in Tasmania for nearly 10 years to write, direct and edit television commercials.

Elliot also lived in London where he mostly worked for Uli Meyer Animation, working as a story artist and gag man on the studio‚Äôs feature film Monstermania! and worked on several music videos with McKeown/Devita...

Apr 8, 2015

With a strong background in sculpture and painting, Ra has in the past worked as a Sculpting Supervisor, Scenic Artist, Construction Forman and an Art Director on numerous New Zealand and international films.

With his various skills, Ra involves himself in every aspect of the design process, from creating...

Apr 1, 2015

Javier's projects as a Director of Photography in Argentina over the years include: Mala Epoca, Live-In Maid, and Blessed By Fire.

More recent films for Javier include: the documentary, Che: A New Man, Revolucion, The Last Elvis, and the acclaimed Oscar nominated film, Wild Tales, which features six short stories...