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Jul 28, 2023

Titina - KN1 - 1Titina - KN2 - 2Titina - KN3 - 3Titina - KN4 - 4Deconstruction Workers - KN1 - 1It's Up To You - KN1 - 1It Was Mine - KN1 - 1

Kajsa's short film credits include: Mother Said, Leonid Shower, Deconstruction Workers, It's Up To You, and It Was Mine.

Kajsa's feature film debut is Titina, based on the true story of the 1926 North Pole expedition of Umberto Nobile and Roald Amundsen, told through the eyes of Umberto's dog,

Jul 21, 2023

Titina - JCF2 - 2The Innocents - JCF2 - 2In Order Of Disappearance - JCF2 - 2Beware Of Children - JCF2 - 2Blind - JCF2 - 2Somewhat Gentle Man - JCF2 - 2

Based in Oslo, Jens has his own edit suite and enjoys both storytelling for television, and finding each film's unique cinematic expression, ultimately creating an extraordinary experience in the audience.

Jens has worked as a Freelance Film Editor in the UK and Norway, across all genres and formats.

Jens has...

Jul 14, 2023

Sick Of Myself - HS1 - 1Sick Of Myself - HS2 - 2Midsommar - HS_BTS1 - 1Midsommar - BTS2 - HS2 - 2Midsommar - HS1 - 1Midsommar - HS2 - 2Cleanse - HS1 - 1Henrik Svensson Guitar - HS1 - 1

Henrik's production design work for short films includes: Cleanse, The Musical Spider, and more recently Massacre Of The Innocents.

Henrik's feature film work includes the acclaimed Midsommar for director Ari Aster, and more recently Kristoffer Borgli's acclaimed black comedy, Sick Of...

Jul 7, 2023

White Noise - RF2Holler - RF2Killing Of A Sacred Deer - RF2Fike On Fire - RF2Take Shelter - RF2Kings Of Summer - RF2Don't Tell A Soul - RF2Dog Eat Dog - RF2

Richard began stunt work following a career in US Army Special Operations and Defense Department, as well as a teaching martial arts. His first project was choreographing action fight scenes for the NFL Cleveland Browns fantasy video Masters Of The Gridiron.

Richard is currently Director of Stunt Predators USA &...