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Aug 29, 2010

Critically and internationally acclaimed Canadian writer and director, Ruba Nadda has written and directed over a dozen shorts, including Aadan, Unsettled, and Do NothingRuba's films have been shown over 500 times in film festivals around the world with over 30 retrospectives of her work.

In 2005, Ruba wrote and...

Aug 22, 2010

Michael Lavelle, cinematographer, writer, and director from Ireland, has written and directed the awarding winning short films, Out of the Blue and I Hate Musicals! The Musical

He has worked as cinematographer with director Ken Wardrop on five short films, and on Ken’s debut feature documentary, His & HersHis &...

Aug 15, 2010

David Boyd's film credits include work onthe films: Cast Away, Galaxy Quest, and 12 Rounds.

David was also the director of photography work for the Joss Whedon TV series, Firefly, and he has worked on the HBO series Deadwood and the award-winning Friday Night Lights.

As a cinematographer, David has teamed up with...

Aug 8, 2010

A former print journalist, Niall McKay’s work has appeared in The Economist, The New York Times and Wired Magazine.

Niall won an Emmy for his documentary Sikhs in America about the challenges of being Sikh in the US, which aired on PBS stations across America as part of Asian Pacific Heritage MonthNiall also...