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Jan 27, 2009

John Jeffcoat is a writer, director, and editor based out of Seattle, WA.

John's debut as a documentary director was the 1999's Bingo! The Documentary distributed by Seventh Art Releasing. His feature-length directorial debut, Outsourced, is a narrative about the outsourcing experience in India, he co-wrote with

Jan 20, 2009

Michael Kang is a Korean American writer and director.

His feature film directorial debut The Motel was produced by indie veteran director Miguel Arteta (known for Star Maps, Chuck & Buck, and The Good Girl) and premiered internationally at the Pusan Film Festival and was also awarded the Sundance/NHK International...

Jan 13, 2009

Asaf Hanuka is an Israeli illustrator and comic book artist, notable for his collaborations with his identical twin brother Tomer and his work with Etgar Keret in both Hebrew and English.

Asaf and Tomer co-created Bipolar, an experimental comic book series which gained them nominations for the Eisner, Harvey, and

Jan 6, 2009

Karen Aqua has created animated films exploring the themes of ritual, journeys, transformation, and the human spirit since 1976 with her 1st animated short, Penetralia. Much of her work reflects an interest in symbols, mythology, and prehistoric and tribal cultures, and includes elements of rhythm, dance, and...